Motorola will be at CTIA WIRELESS 2010, March 23rd – 25th in the Apps World Pavilion at booth #684. This is your chance to talk to Motorola¬† engineers and tap into the minds of the developers working in Motorola on Android apps and the ones behind the MotoBlur of Motorola’s flavor to Android. They will […]

Adobe Photoshop for Mobile allows developers to integrate with its editor

Any application can use the Mobile 1.1 editor for editing images on Android phones. This is possible to the Intents mechanism of Android which allows for the application to transparently interface with each other and with the core OS components as well as replace some of the built in components. Of course the application […]

TATHome a new impressive 3D home replacement app for Android

This is the new 3D home replacement app that features 3D effects and looks kind of like the Xperia interface. Check out the video and I am sure you will be impressed. The TATHome should be available soon to Android users. It should reportedly be backward compatible but it is not clear up to what […]

Our blog facelift

If you are visiting our website NOT for the first time, you will notice that it looks different. We have decided to give it a facelift with this free beautifully designed theme by woo themes. Hope you like it – let us know in the comments either way The screen shot of the old theme:

How many Android devices will be shipped by the end of 2010

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, gave the keynote today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. One of the key tidbits of information he gave out is that Google and OEMs are shipping 60,000 Android devices a day. (WOW!!!) That by itself sounds like a pretty large number but if you simply extrapolate that number over […]

Free Droid phone from Google at ADL2010

I am attending Android Developers Lab (ADL2010) at Cambridge Massachusetts right now and today all attendees received a free Droid phone with one month service from Verizon. Unfortunately it is not unlocked as the IONs @googleio-2009, but hey ¬†– it’s a free Android phone

Live wallpapers on Android 2.1 explained

Google have posted recent blog about programming of live wallpapers for Android 2.1 which was first released on their flagship device Nexus One just recently and already got an upgraded OS to include multitouch by the way. It has useful information in case you are interested in developing a live wallpaper for Android. Expect many […]

DailyHoroscope recent downtimes exlpanation

It is true that we have experienced many issues lately with the content being unavailable. We got a lot of emails and comments on the market. Some comments claim that we are not listening and do not know what is happening. This is not true. We always listen and always answer the emails that we […]

Google advertises Nexus one on its homepage and all over its AdSense network

Google is really pushing the Nexus One hard. Check out how the homepage is looking. Yes – they advertise it right on the homepage! I have been spotting a LOT (and I mean really a L-O-T) AdSense advertisements for Nexus one on the web in random places. What does it mean – google pushing Nexus […]

Apple buys Quattro Wireless in response to Google buying AdMob

Today Quattro Wireless officially announced that Apple has acquired it. The details are not clear yet, but it seems that the price tag was $275 million. With about $30 million in funding, this is yet another impressive exit for an advertising mediation agency! Andy Miller – Vice President of Mobile Advertising have sent this email […]

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